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Coday Anthony is a multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter, sound engineer, producer, composer, painter, chef, photographer, videographer, teacher, and esoteric. He grew up in the south, and has spent numerous years soaking in a rich culture, from the plains of Texas to the Mississippi Delta, from Nashville to New Orleans. He is currently working on his third film score, while teaching band and digital music in the Sacramento City Unified School District. 

Having just released a full-length album of originals titled "Passing Quiet Through the Night" on Post & Beam's newly launched developmental record label, Post & Beam is proud to announce Drop Dead Red has officially signed to the label, with two more prestigious acts coming into the fold later this year. Coday has and continues to have an illustrious career as a stage and studio musician, performing as a permanent member with well-received bands like Drop Dead RedSaid the ShotgunAmalgamationThe Narwhals, and many more.

He lives in Sacramento with his wife Laura Marie Anthony, who is an artist of many mediums. First and foremost, she is a professional photographer and indie filmmaker. When the mood strikes, she finds herself a writer, curator, musician, visual and/or installation artist, among many things.


Taking a photo op next to installation art by Jared Tharp. (Disclaimer: I didn't curate these bad boys! I found these at Red Museum, a favorite haunt in midtown, Sac.)

Laura founded the organization Artists of Sacramento in 2015. She's successfully shown art installations for TBD Fest and ArtStreet.  Artists of Sac also successfully curated the artwork for First Festival 2017, and is currently curating again for 2018!
AoS aims to amplify, educate, and advocate for the Artists of Sacramento. When artists are given the resources to thrive, so does the entire community.

Her filmmaking efforts have helped the short film "Sutro Ruins" become an official selection for ITSA Film Festival. She has recently completed and shown her writing & directorial debut sci-fi short "Coppelius" for multiple audiences. Laura has also released a major music video for Write or Die, and collaborations with Joy & Madness, as well as productions in the works with artists Wildgust and Drop Dead Red.